Round 2

Alright, day 2 done and still on track. That’s not really much to be proud of, but I haven’t missed doing a blood test before a meal, and have also tried to eat a little better than I have been considering the Christmas season has just passed. What is it about holidays that makes us turn into sugar guzzlers? Are we trying to pack on the pounds and look like dear old Santy Claus?
Tomorrow I will be back to work and into my usual schedule again, but I will be more conscious of diabetes care around meal times. I have a habit of eating half my food, realizing I haven’t done a blood test, and then shrugging it off because it’s not going to be accurate at that point anyway. Then I have to guess how much insulin to give based on what food I’m eating, and it just doesn’t equal good control. Diabetes is a tricky disease, but with some trial and error you can figure out your carbohydrate and insulin ratio to maintain good blood sugars (which is anywhere between 4 and 7). 4 and 7 is a pretty small window, hence why this has been a struggle for me.
More and more people are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which can be due to poor diet, inactivity, genetics, etc. Type 1 diabetes is usually called juvenile diabetes because you develop it at a young age, and there is no known cause. Some people speculate that a hard hit to the immune system as a child (in my case, a wicked case of the chicken pox) can somehow make the disease emerge, but I’m not sure how much proof there is of that. All I know is that my pancreas is broken, and no one knows how to fix it yet. There are lots of breakthroughs popping up, but nothing labelled a cure just yet.
Tomorrow I will be starting my day with some “detox water” (I don’t care for these silly buzz words. I know it’s not “Belly Fat Blasting water” or “Magical Weight Loss water” or whatever else people label it as, I’m just calling it that to differentiate it from regular water), take my pup Pixel on a nice long walk, and keep up with the blood tests!


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