♫ On the Fifth Day of this Blog…

Hello again! Day 5 and going strong. Had a couple “almost oopsy” moments where I took a couple bites of my meal before doing a blood test, but then I dashed like a mad woman to grab it so my results weren’t askew (Fun Fact: type “askew” into Google and see what the result is). I’ve had only 2 or 3 high (meaning over 8) readings, which is amazing for me. I need to focus more on carbohydrate counting now, as it’s really a “use it or lose it” skill. I personally love the LoseIt app for helping with this. You can input everything you eat and it will tell you all about the nutrition and break it down into groups like calories, fats, carbs, etc. I started using LoseIt habitually last year, but the closer we got to our wedding date, the more it became a once in a while thing. It’s got a bunch of other great features and I know it will help me a lot on my quest for better health. (I sound like a paid promoter, but it’s just a darn helpful app). Check it out if you are doing a health resolution for 2017!


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