Notebooks and Markers and Pens, oh my!

Bonjour les amis! Well I’m on day 11 of my (lifelong) resolution to take better care of my diabetes, and it’s been going great. I will admit I had a boo-boo on Sunday when I went to a friends place for some Cards Against Humanity, Rocket League, fun conversations, and food. Lots and lots of yummy food. And finger food no less. It puzzles me why when we see food that’s a mini version of a normal portion, we eat twice the amount we should. But I fell into this trap, and ate too many bite sized appetizers and did not give an appropriate amount of insulin to take down my carbo loading frenzy. But what I did learn was that those little frozen pastry hors d’oeuvres are addictive, and surprisingly delicious (as one friend noted, they have somehow managed to get a million times better for a “from frozen” product). My slip up made me realize that this is where I always seem to go wrong, when I’m having a good time and not paying attention to the fact that MY FREAKIN’ PANCREAS IS BROKEN! I will have to shout that at myself when I’m in a situation like this again. Or if I’m with you, feel free to do it for me! It’ll be a fun little game we can play.
Now on to my title, which as I’m sure you’ve noticed, has nothing to do with what I’ve written so far. I have discovered something through a name-twin friend of mine, and it’s got me all giddy inside. It’s called a Bullet Journal. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but basically it is a To Do List, Planner, and Journal all in one. Check out the link for more details on what the heck that means, but I’ll be honest, the site will probably leave you still confused. The creator (Ryder Carroll) has his own little language for everything that can be hard to understand unless you have made your own bullet journal (which I haven’t yet, but I’m assuming it gets easier). I found a simplified explanation in this Buzzfeed article.
I love notebooks and pens and markers and fun paper and well, I could basically spend hours in a stationery store and not get bored. I was the nerdy kid who adored back to school shopping. And now that I’m an adult, I look for reasons to buy these things since September does not equal school anymore. I have a new reason now folks! I have been scouring online stores to find a notebook worthy of being my first bullet journal, but I need to see it physically first, and I haven’t had the time to go shop yet. This is killing me, dear friends! I think I may have some time tomorrow to peruse, and I can’t wait. Thus ending this post so I can go to bed and dream of washi tape borders and fun new fonts to try!


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