Just Call Me Miss Procrastination…

Hello dear readers, thank you for for being here, I know it’s been a while.
Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the Rooster (so my Google search says). People born this year are said to be observant, hardworking, courageous, talented, and very confident in themselves. I think since this is a “new year” in a different sense than January 1st, I will make a resolution and continue my 2017 trend, but it will be for the whole year, and hopefully my whole life. You see, I’m a chronic procrastinator. I remember it getting me into trouble with school assignments a lot. I would have many great ideas, but never acted on them until the last minute, then the quality would take a nosedive and I would be upset with myself. But even though it aggravated me, it’s continued into adulthood.
~ “I’m taking care of my procrastination issues, just you wait and see” ~
There are a lot of quotes online about procrastination, and while some make me chuckle, like above, it also makes me feel guilty for allowing it to be something I do often. I have begun my battle to end this bad habit, and it starts first with recognizing it, and for me step 2 is my bullet journal. My “Bujo” (as the cool kids call it) is part of the reason I haven’t done a blog post in a while, which is kind of silly to me since it’s supposed to be helping, but I am almost done with the basic layout so that it will be a faster process setting it up each page than it has been so far. I am a perfectionist, and deciding how I want it to look takes time. I will share my pages with you after I finish a few details up this weekend.
It’s so rewarding being able to check off a task on a To Do list, and even better when you accomplish everything on the list and can rip it up (at least in my opinion). But I have a bunch of little pieces of paper floating around with tasks on them, and a list on my phone too. I glance at them once in a while, but with no deadline, I leave them be until later. But later doesn’t really seem to come. So I’m going to be putting everything in my bullet journal, because the more I have to look at my long lists, the more likely I’ll be to tackle them and make them small or non existent! Wish me luck!
As a little side note to my original resolution of better diabetes care, I have been doing great! I had one bad evening where I misjudged how hungry I was and I ate more than my insulin dose could handle. I used to get all disheartened when that happened, and it would make me slack on the blood testing, because if I didn’t have to see the bad numbers, they were easier to ignore. But I know that’s pretty dumb of me, so I just said “well, crap” and made a mental note to pay attention more to how many carbs I consume in the evenings, when I sometimes want to eat all the foods. Nom Nom Nom…


2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Miss Procrastination…

  1. I have been such a bad example in this procrastinating deal. I am sure it is in our DNA ,my Lynnie. But just this week I hit on a different approach to this. Rather than be negative with this whole ” putting off stuff till we panic it done” think of ourselves as slow starters with a need to be nudged into action. ‘Cause once we get into it, we persevere to the end, right? and the process is usually never like we dreaded it to be. So why do I stress this to the nnnnth degree. ??? Glad you shared this topic first… cause for me, I’d say it is probably one of my worst, most irritating weaknesses…..love you, Yo Momma


    1. Hey there,
      I think we all procrastinate at times. You have picked a very important issue to focus on so little baby steps and you will get there. You are a very hard working young lady and I saw how much work you put into planning AND executing the plans for your wedding so I know you can do this!
      Keep your to do lists small, make one every day and get as much done as you can. You don’t have to complete everything on the list but plugging away at things a little at a time is less overwhelming.
      Long term goals – break it down into short term goals and then daily goals. I LOVE lists and more importantly crossing things off the lists.


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