Résolution Numéro Deux

Well I can’t believe it’s already February folks, but alas here we are. Time to move on to my next resolution. And it’s a typical one; one that people often fall off the bandwagon quite quickly. For February, I am going to strive to eat a healthier diet. To some, this month of love and flowers and chocolates would be a bad time to start it, but my hubbs and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I’m good to go!


Back in September 2015, a friend and I decided to do a “cleanse” or “detox” diet. I kind of hate these buzz words, but that’s what it was. I first heard about this company Young and Raw and did their 30 Day Smoothie Challenge beforehand. I don’t really have a reason for doing it other than I like smoothies and at the time I wasn’t eating breakfast regularly. I just couldn’t eat right when I woke up; I wasn’t hungry and I could last until lunch so I made that boo-boo often and wanted a change. It was a nice challenge, and it did help me start eating breakfast regularly afterwards. I didn’t do it as a weight loss thing, but I think it did help a little (I never really kept track, didn’t own a scale at the time).
After that challenge, I was perusing the Young and Raw site and saw their “21 Day Raw Food Reset”. I had been getting terrible cravings for all the stuff that’s bad for you like chocolate bars, chips, burgers, etc. I could finish a nice dinner and still think I was hungry, and wanted something sweet. Not uncommon, but the problem was I also always gave in to those cravings. I had lost my self control, and I was sick of it. So I thought the diet sounded like a nice way to stop the cravings and get back on track. So my friend and I purchased the program and decided to do it together. For those who don’t know, a raw food diet means eating only vegetables and fruits, and in their raw form (meaning no cooking the veggies). I am not a vegetarian, so that meant cutting out meat, dairy, grains, and all those processed and sugary “phoods” (as the site often calls them). It was a big change! But I was able to stick to my guns, I only “cheated” 2 times (I had a low blood sugar and the only thing available to me was a cookie, and it was my now husbands birthday nearing the end of the cleanse and we went out to dinner to celebrate). I actually had to look at foods I wasn’t going to eat and point sternly at them and say “NO!” in order to keep myself from giving in. But I did it! I lost 15 lbs in the process, but it was at a cost. You see, when you go through a detox, your body has a lot of crud to get rid of. Therefore, the list of detox symptoms are: headache, fatigue, irritability, bloating, nausea, depression, weight loss, foggy thinking, chills/sweats, and emotional release. And for those 21 days, I had about 80-90% of them. All. The. Time. It was really hard trying to do my job as a massage therapist and come home and prepare all the juices and smoothies and salads I was to eat the next day as well as dinner for that night. I know a lot of people like having the variety to keep things from not getting boring, but I probably would have preferred eating the same things every other day to make it easier. But still, I made it through and said “never again”, at least to following it to a T.
So now having been through all that once, I decided to make a modified version of their detox, but add in some still healthy things to eat that I’m hoping will take the edge off. While the guide was pretty good, I think I forgot to eat nuts and persistently add the protein powder into my smoothies (it’s suggested in the guide, but they don’t write it in with each recipe so I often forgot), which was probably a big contributing factor. So this time I am making sure to add the protein powder in each smoothie, and I will be eating some dinners with meat or eggs. Still seems good to me, especially considering how crummy my diet was in 2016.


I am also adding in these detox teas (cleverly named Teatox) that I got before my wedding, but only used for about a week and then couldn’t be bothered to do. Making tea is simple, but the timing for me and way you had to make these teas in particular was too much for my bride-to-be brain to handle. I think I can handle them now, so I thought “why not”. And if they run out before the month is done, I’ll be replacing them with a regular green tea in the morning, and a decaf one at night.
After February, I won’t be following anything in particular, but trying to eat a healthy balanced diet with all the food groups incorporated. I’ll again be using my “Lose It” app to help me keep track and stay on the right path. But I’m definitely going to have some cheat days, and lets be honest, they are a necessary part of life! I can’t imagine never eating some chips or chocolate again, but I can imagine eating them a lot less for my health’s sake! Wish me luck guys, I’ll be needing it big time this month!


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