Almost There!

Hallo Freunde! (in German, or Hello Friends! in English…)
Well I’ve been meaning to write about my second month on this resolution-ary journey, but I have to admit it’s kept me a little busier than usual. I’m not complaining, but making all your own meals and the planning and effort that goes into it isn’t easy. It is, however, quite rewarding.
I can’t lie, I have had about 3 “cheats” or times where I couldn’t keep to my plan. My family has had 2 gatherings where we ate out. Once I had Chinese food, and I tried to stick to all veggie dishes with the exception of 2 jumbo shrimps (yes, deep fried… I know, I know). And last night for Family Day we went for Korean barbecue, which was actually a good choice because I ate meat and veggies mostly with the exception of some rice. It was too filling for me to have the rice, I got full a lot quicker than I would have doing this a month or two ago. Which was kind of nice, knowing that I don’t need large portions to feel full anymore. The last cheat was going to dinner with a couple of my hubby’s work friends, and they picked an Italian place to eat at. I thought I might be able to get a salad or something not overly pasta-nated, but there was no such option. I chose a sauteed garlic shrimp linguine, which had a really light, almost pesto-y sauce instead of a creamy sauce. It was really, really delicious!
I know for me personally, and most other people who stick to good diets, that cheats are a necessary part of that. But I hadn’t planned on any deviations for at least this whole month. I wanted to rid my body of the cravings for constant “phoods” like Doritos and pop tarts and  Kraft Dinner, and I think even with these few slip ups, I’m doing really well! I still want the not-so-nutritional foods, but I have the control to stop myself from eating them and be happy and satisfied with the wholesome foods I am making myself.
I’ll go into more detail in another post, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t screwed up too much yet! Oh and I’m down 8 pounds so far, which is a definite cherry on top (Wait, can I eat cherries? Are they too sugary? How about a blueberry on top? 😉 )


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