March Madness

Well hello there!
I totally messed up the other day and forgot it was March 1st! I guess when February has 28 days, it doesn’t feel long enough and I thought the month could go on 🙂
February was a definite eye opener. I did my best to stay true to my diet, and I’m pretty proud of myself if I’m being honest (and I lost 10 pounds to boot!) I learned how to listen to my body more, and give it what it needs instead of the sugary, unhealthy desires. I’m now finding myself wanting salads and avocados and the better options than reaching for the chips and chocolate bars. Granted I’m always going to want and love those, but only as treats, once in a while. Yesterday was the first day I ate something I was craving, a burrito. I got a small chicken from Burrito Bandidos. And it surprised me that I was nearing full after eating a little over half. I decided to eat the whole thing, and after I felt too full. I should have listened to my body and stopped when I was satisfied, but I told myself the leftovers wouldn’t taste good later, and I should eat it all now. I’m kind of glad I did this, because now I will try to remember that feeling of being stuffed, and how uncomfortable it was, and use it when I feel like eating something less than healthy for me or an unhealthy portion. I also discovered this morning that I no longer want or need 2 spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee. It was way too sweet! I’ve already switched to skim milk instead of cream, and now it’ll just be a little milk and a little sugar to satisfy my taste buds. My husband says someday I’ll switch to black like he enjoys, which I highly doubt, but I’ve made progress at least!
So, on to March’s resolution! It’s another one that people struggle with and fall off the wagon quickly. EXERCISE! I’m kind of wishy-washy when it comes to this. I love the feeling of getting stronger, of pushing my muscles to my limit and all the bonuses that come when you exercise. I have found that I have more energy through the day, I sleep better at night, and overall I just feel better. Now why I don’t do it everyday is because I’m a master excuse maker/procrastinator extraordinaire! And I’ve already done it once, practically twice. On March 1st, I forgot it was the first, but when I did realize, I could have forced myself to do at least some small exercise. But it was around 10pm, and I just didn’t want to change into workout clothes, find my running shoes, and do all the things needed to do before the workout could even begin. I was just being super lazy. And yesterday, I had intended to start, but again, I let me talk myself out of it somehow. I had the time, I had everything I needed, but I simply didn’t do it. I was kicking myself before going to bed, feeling uber guilty, trying to think of a reason to write on here why I didn’t start. I contemplated lying to you all (even though there aren’t that many people reading my blog, I know), but then I thought, it’s not benefiting anyone, and it’s just me trying to make myself feel better. So here I am, being honest, and promising I will keep being honest because I can’t be perfect. All I can do is try to be better and push myself harder to not mess up.
My plan is to start simple. Getting back into exercise when you’ve been away for a while is a delicate process in my mind. I, along with most people, just want to dive in, work super hard, and see instant results. Then we get frustrated when it doesn’t happen quickly or we don’t lose weight in the areas we want to, and stop trying. I’m not going to let myself fall into that rut. I know it’s a long process that I’ll have to work hard at to achieve the results I want. My goal right now is to jump rope every day. Track how many jumps I do in each set, and try to do 3 sets. I considered following a plan, one of those 30 day challenges, but I need to do what works for me. I know if I work hard every day, I will see those jump numbers grow, and eventually I will have better cardiovascular health. After this month, I will add to my routine. I’m not 100% sure with what yet, maybe a gym membership, maybe a workout video, or come up with exercises I can do at home. If you have any suggestions of something I should try, send me a message or comment below! Thanks for reading, I’ll try to post again soon with some progress!


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