The Ol’ Switcheroo

Hello Hello! I really need to kick myself in the butt to get on here and write more! I’ve been seriously procrastinating. In my head, everyday, I say “You should really do that blog post. You’re 5 followers are anxiously awaiting a status report!” And since 2 of those 5 are my mom and mom in law, they really might be anxiously awaiting!
So I had the best intentions to stick to my guns and do this whole daily exercise thing. Then, on March 6th, I got some serious lower back pain. I thought it was just because I was doing workouts, and my body was adjusting. It felt better the next day, so I did my jump ropes. Then on the 8th, the back pain was there again. It felt different than most muscle aches I’ve had before, so I wondered if this was the beginning of a kidney stone or possibly a kidney infection. I had my husband massage the area, I used a heating pad, I took a few baths, and nothing seemed to make it feel better (except sweet, sweet Motrin). No matter what position I was in, it was really achy. It spread to my sides and abdomen, then would return to just the lower back. Then it settled to my left side, lower back, and stayed there for a few days. I started taking an herbal “kidney flush” medicine, and booked a Dr’s appointment. I saw the doc today, and since the pain has gotten about 85% better, she said it was most likely a muscular thing. Figures, me the massage therapist needing a massage. It felt different from most muscle pain though, which is what threw me off, and since I stopped jump roping and the pain got worse, I just wasn’t thinking it was simply a muscle thing. I’m going to keep taking the kidney stuff anyway, as awful as it tastes. But alas, this put a huge damper on me being able to do my March resolution. But I didn’t simply stop and do nothing, I moved on to what my April resolution was going to be, and that’s learning how to knit!
I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit; it looked complicated but fun too. I searched out for a good book to teach me, and I’ve learned some basics. I know how to cast on (put the yarn on the needle), do an English method “throw away” knit stitch, and soon I will attempt to bind off and finish a piece. I got a bunch of yarn by trading with people on Bunz (if you aren’t familiar with Bunz, check it out), so for now since I’m just fiddling around and in the learning process, I haven’t really made something. I got all the way through a ball of yarn, only to realize it wasn’t long enough to actually make a scarf with (you can see my “scarf-ette” in the attached photo) I might be able to sew on some buttons and make a neck warmer, but I also might start over and add in another colour to make it an appropriate scarf length. I guess that’s why a lot of knitters follow a pattern. It takes all the guess work out of it. For me though, I just have to see what I can make with what I have until I go buy yarn and supplies specifically for a piece (aka, get better at this new hobby). And that’s fine with me for now. A little frustrating, but still fine. I’ll eventually make something someone can use!


One thought on “The Ol’ Switcheroo

  1. Sweet. I like the scarfette. Good job on your first try! Sorry to hear about your back problem. Hope it continues to get better. Gramma gave me knitting book that belonged to your Aunt Rhonda. She wants you to have it. I think it may have patterns in it. Remind me about this weekend. Love you, Mom


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