Well hello. It’s already the middle of April, so I’m quite embarrassed to be writing this now, and not 16 days ago. Sorry ’bout that.
But I’m here now, and I guess I figured you already knew what my resolution for April is since I discussed it in my last post. To give you the gist, I wanted to do regular exercise as March’s resolution, but I hurt my lower back, so I swapped with my April plan and learned knitting instead. Now that it’s April, I’ve started my exercise plan. Last month I wanted to do jump rope, and just do as many as I could at a time. I changed my plan to an exercise video called “Slim in Six”. I have to say, it’s hard to get myself into a regular routine, and they want you to do it every day. I was good initially, doing it every other day or so, to warm my muscles up to regular exercise and not have another injury. But last week I kept meaning to do it in the evening, and then something either came up, or I got too tired or forgot. I guess for me it’s a thing I need to do in the morning, otherwise it’s easier to make excuses in the evenings. But I will say that I’m glad my body is getting used to it. I’ve slowly been getting better at the exercises/routine. It’s a 25 minute cardio routine, with lots of squats, pliés, crunches, etc. to work all the major muscle groups. In the past I have never gotten to the second DVD, as each DVD is for 2 weeks. that makes me angry at myself a little. I’m determined to get through the whole thing, even though I’ve had a not-so-great start. This week I will do the video every day, no excuses. Wish me luck, I’m really going to need it!


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