It’s Gonna Be Maaay 🎵

As Justin Timberlake would say… but I guess he would’ve said it yesterday to be more factual. I’m happy to actually be writing this on the first day of the month. And there’s a pretty good reason for me being so punctual. My May resolution is to write more!
I used to write way more often when I was younger and “had the time”, but really it’s more of that procrastination and laziness creeping in. I need to make time for it, setting aside a specific time of day or make sure I always have an amount of time in mind to dedicate to writing.
To help me get into the habit, I am going to compile a list of my favourite ideas from various 30 day blogging challenges. I’m in the process of compiling them now, and I have to say I’m pretty excited to start! Since most of the challenges are 30 days, and there are 31 days in May, I’m considering this a freebie day (and it was a particularly busy day for me too, so I’ve already run out of time to dedicate the time needed to do a full blog post).
I think I may also work on a more creative/fictional side of writing by doing some pages in my “642 Things To Write About” book. I did a few pages when I got it, but surprise surprise, I procrastinated after that! The few little blurbs I did write made me really happy and inspired, so I’m not quite sure why I stopped. I hope I can have that pride and joy feeling again. I recently read through some old stories and poems I did in my high school’s writer’s craft class, and that was pretty inspiring too, so I’m really hoping I can get through the 30 days consistently, and then continue to make writing a priority again.
Talk to you tomorrow my dearest readers!


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