Blog Challenge #1

Okie Dokie, so I’ve been looking around on Pinterest for some good “30 Day Blog Challenge” posts, and I haven’t found just one that I liked all the prompts for, so I’ve decided to use the ones I like best from multiple sources. Cause nobody said there were rules, so I’ma do me. Besides, who cares “what items are in your purse”? I can write about much more interesting things. So here goes…

Put your music player on shuffle, write about the first 10 songs that play
1. Song: Home ~ Artist: Foo Fighters ~ Album: Echos, Silence, Patience, & Grace
I adore Dave Grohl. Anything that man does is gold. I seriously cannot say there is one song that I would skip over when listening to a playlist of the Foo Fighters. This song in particular is simple, slow, and beautiful. Just Dave’s voice, a piano, (a few other instruments pop in for an instrumental bit), and an honest message of wanting to be home with the ones you love. I love singing this song too.
2. Song: Crawling in the Dark ~ Artist: Hoobastank ~ Album: Hoobastank
This song definitely reminds me of my teen years. I believe I bought this cd while working at Sunrise Records in the good old Elgin Mall in St. Thomas. Hoobastank would be classified as emo or teen angst music in my opinion. This song in particular is all about looking for answers while “crawling in the dark”. I think we all feel like that at times, and not just in those awkward years trying to figure out who you are and why you’re here.
3. Song: Do It Again ~ Artist: Holy Ghost! ~ Album: Holy Ghost!
So, I have to admit I download a lot of music suggested by other people, especially my husband. This is one of those albums I took off of his computer, but haven’t listened to it yet! A reminder that I should reorganize my playlists and get some new music on my iPod. It’s a fun, kind of 80s sounding pop/dance song. Makes me want to listen to more soon!
4. Song: Daydreamin’ ~ Artist: Tatyana Ali ~ Album: Kiss the Sky
Wow, throwing it back to 1998! This is such an innocent pop song about a girl daydreaming about a boy, and he’s all she can think about. It seems so silly to recall that at one time this was probably the most problematic thing going on in your life. Now as an adult with a job and bills and real struggles, it seems so trivial and innocent. Oh to go back to the days when boys were your biggest worry! Nah, I wouldn’t do it either.
5. Song: Suburbs (acoustic Arcade Fire cover) ~ Artist: Father John Misty ~ CBC Music
This song isn’t on an album, and I can’t even tell you how I found it (maybe through my hubbs again), but I’m glad I did. Arcade Fire’s original version is pretty dope, but this is a fantastic take on it. I especially love the whistling part, ’cause who whistles anymore?
6. Song: Diary of Jane (acoustic) ~ Artist: Breaking Benjamin ~ Album: Phobia
Another one taking me back to my teen years! I almost always love the acoustic version of a song better than the original. This one falls into that category. It’s fun to sing along to, when the mood is right.
7. Song: Broken Box ~ Artist: Queens of the Stone Age ~ Album: Lullabies to Paralyze
I haven’t listened to this album in a long time, but QotSA is another band where I generally like every song. That might be because Dave Grohl is closely associated with them, but Josh Homme’s pretty great on his own too. Apparently they have an new album coming out soon, and considering the last one was in 2014, I’m pretty excited to hear something new from them.
8. Song: Aeroplane ~ Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ Album: One Hot Minute
There are some “adult words” in this song, so if that offends you then don’t check this one out, but other than that it’s a fun funky song to bop along to. I believe I had this on a burnt CD called “Driving Tunes” and it really does fit nicely on a road trip mix. And everyone loves California and RHCP, right? (And yes, the two always go together)
9. Song: I See Fire ~ Artist: Ed Sheeran ~ Album: The Hobbit: Desmolation of Smaug ST
I will admit this openly: I have never seen a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movie. I pulled a “hipster” on these movies and didn’t want to see it because they were too popular and everyone was freaking out about them. I will probably be told “you HAVE to watch them!!” after some friends and family read this post, which is fine and I probably will someday, I just never had the urge to watch them myself. This song is great though, another fun one to sing along to, and who doesn’t love a singing ginger like Ed? Such a smooth voice!
10. Song: Everyone’s a Junkie ~ Artist: Our Lady Peace ~ Album: Spiritual Machines
Thank goodness OLP made it onto this list! I remember the first time I heard them; I was watching MuchMusic, and I heard the song Superman’s Dead. It was 1997, making me 9 years old. The moment I heard it, I was hooked (and therefore the coolest 9 year old ever!) I remember buying myself a discman when I was a bit older, and when my parents and I went on a vacation (I use that term loosely… it was us staying at a hotel near Point Peele, swimming in their cool pools, and shopping at the local mall), I found all the OLP albums at K-Mart. I spent all my money on them, and then spent the rest of the vacation listening to every song carefully while reading the lyrics in the booklet. My CD collection really started that day. I could probably sing every OLP song off those first 4 albums to you to this day.
Well, that was a fun little exercise! Looking forward to tomorrow’s!


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