Blog Challenge #2

Today felt like a long day, mostly because I spend about 2 hours on transit on a typical Wednesday and Thursday. I should’ve spent that time writing, but that’s also hard to do when you might not have a seat, you have a bunch of bags with you, it’s bumpy, etc. I’m too much of a perfectionist to have my writing be all jagged! But maybe next time I’ll give it a whirl and write something like a plot line not really needing to be neat. On to today’s challenge!

If I won the lottery…
At work, we will often throw in $2.50 each to buy a few lottery tickets on Fridays. We’ve only had small winnings, which we just put towards the next weeks tickets. But I was flipping through a home design magazine once and started thinking about what I’d like to do if I actually won something.
If it was a smaller amount, say in the thousands and ten thousands, I think at this stage in my life I would just put it towards our debt. It may not be a glamorous way to spend it, but it is practical and would help us achieve our financial goals sooner. Who wouldn’t want to be debt free anyways? I’m sure it’s a great feeling! Whatever was leftover I would probably put in my tax free savings account to continue saving for a home.
If it was a more significant amount, in the high ten thousands to hundred thousands, I would do all the same but add on some fun! I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand for a bit, and some other interesting places that are expensive to travel to on that side of the world. I would also make sure to give money to our family to help their finances.
Now if we’re talking millions, then I can really start dreaming! I would want to buy a large piece of land someplace, and with the help of the Property Brothers (’cause why not), design a cozy hotel and big barn for weddings and events. Basically I’d want to become Lorelai Gilmore if she had her parents money. I loved the venue I got married at, but it was really just a large barn on a large property, and we had to do the rest. It was only in the beginning phase of being a proper wedding spot. If they even had built in washrooms it would have been less for us to organize and stress over! I think it would be fun to run a place like that with my hubbs, and use some of the cash to build ourselves a home to start a family in.
Anyone got some luck to send my way?


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