Blog Challenge #8

Hello again my lovely readers! For whatever reason, today was a very mentally and physically draining day. I intended to write a more in depth and personal post, but I think I will have to save it for another day. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this one!

Something you collect
As a kid, I remember collecting stamps because my Great Uncle Bill gave me a bunch of his old ones. I thought they looked really cool and it was neat for me to own something that old. When I got a bit older, my collection was mostly CDs, but with the ease of getting music on my computer and not having enough space to display my current collection, I haven’t added to it in a long time. I guess the only thing I collect now are things that I can up-cycle. I have many little projects on the go, but my main one is saving magazines to make funky picture frames but rolling up strips of pages and placing the rolls side by side. It looks similar to this (but I don’t have gaps in mine):

I have only made one frame (for myself), as it’s quite time consuming, but I have been saving lots of magazines in order to make more. I kind of like projects like this, that require lots of repetition. For whatever reason, it’s calming and fun for me. I assume that’s how people who knit a lot feel. It’s relaxing while you do it, and then you get a cool project out of your time!


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