Blog Challenge #9

Something that you miss
I’ve been thinking a lot about people from my past. I think it’s inevitable to grow up and grow apart, and you can’t keep in contact with everyone you’d like to stay connected with. Lately I’ve been missing my high school days, largely my high school friends. I liked high school, minus some of the school parts, like math (I will never miss math!). But I had good friends, I had fun, I was a pretty good student, and things were much simpler. I never dealt with romance while in high school, because about 99% of the guys at my school were not dating material in my eyes, so that made things a little dull at times, but none-the-less less stressful! I had a great group of friends, but most of us went in such different directions, Facebook is the only contact we have left. I still see 2 of my really good grade school (and then high school) friends as regularly as possible, but even then it’s getting harder and harder as we get older, get married, have babies, etc. Sometimes getting older stinks, but I guess that can make reunions all the more fun!


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