Blog Challenge #10 & 11 (I’ll catch up soon!)

Ok, so I’m a little behind on the “daily” part of my blog writing challenge, but I’m sticking with it and will do 30 topics! I’m going to do 2 now since it’s bedtime, and I promise to catch up tomorrow!

Your day in detail
Once again I’ve had a busy last few days (hence my combination post… oopsy!). It was Mothers Day today, so last night after work I took a bus to Guelph so I could spend some time with my mum-in-law in the evening and this morning. I made 2 loaves of banana bread (one with chocolate chips and one with walnuts) in the afternoon after taking 3 eager pups for a walk with my husband. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Jays game before heading to my brother’s place for dinner with my mom, brothers, their significant others, and my nephew. We helped put together a trampoline my nephew got as a Christmas gift, and he and I played around on it, wrestling and playing “crack the egg”. I saw on Pinterest how to make an origami Pikachu, so we attempted to make one out of construction paper, which didn’t turn out as well as we hoped. Maybe we’ll attempt it again another time! It was a lovely way to spend the day, and I hope the mom’s enjoyed it too

3 Things you like about your personality
1. Introverted – Most people find being an introvert a difficult thing, as the world is geared towards being an extrovert (hello group projects…ick!). But even with it’s challenges, I appreciate what my introversion means for my creative side. I prefer to be alone, in my thoughts, creating.
2. Honest – Sure, we all tell little white lies, usually for the purpose of protecting someone or their feelings. I probably do that when it’s the right situation, but I’m mostly a straight shooter. Sometimes it’s because I’m a little naive or don’t think about how the truth versus a fib would affect the situation, but mostly I just can’t be bothered with lies. They usually end up biting you in the you-know-what anyways. I’ve noticed a lot of tv shows use one character lying to another, then the truth comes out and a big angry fight ensues, and it makes me frustrated because nobody likes being lied to, even if it’s for their own protection.
3. Loyal – I would hope my friends find that I am loyal and dependable. I try to be a good listener, help when I’m needed, and just generally be there for them for whatever they need. It’s what I love about dogs, so it should be a character quality I try to emulate!


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