Blog Challenge #15 & 16

Oh boy, I’ve done it again. Sorry for slacking. Been getting really tired at night and blogging is the furthest thing from my mind (and sleep is the closest!). I’ll play a little catch up today and tomorrow.

Your siblings
I have 2 older brothers, one (we’ll just call B) 8 years older than me, one (G) 3 years older. B is married and has 2 kids, a girl and boy, G has a son with his long time girlfriend (there really needs to be a word for this that doesn’t sound weird, like how partner or common law spouse does). I get to see them roughly once a month at family get together’s. We all live in different cities, but are close enough that it’s not too hard for us to see each other. I wouldn’t say we are extremely close, but we do get along well. Lately I’ve talked to B on the phone more, which has been nice. G is a little more on the quiet side, but we chat a bit when we see each other. I love seeing my brothers as dads! It kind of makes me excited to be a mom, so we will all have being a parent in common. I think the family dynamic is really altered when a niece or nephew come into the picture. In a good way of course, but also it can be harder to connect with your sibling because they are now focused on their little one and the busyness children inevitably bring into their life. Visiting my grandparents home when everyone is there is a nut house. Kids running everywhere, it’s loud, they distract you from conversations. It’s fun, but crazy! I really respect my brothers for being strong, responsible men and good role models to their kids. Who knew the annoying, teasing, play fighting boys I had to put up with would become these great men, partners, and fathers? 🙂

5 things from you bucket list
I haven’t really given it much thought before now, so I’ll be winging this as I go. And they are in no particular order, although some will happen before others inevitably.
1. Have kids – This is probably one of the scariest things to decide to do. You have to be ready for the responsibility, because there is no turning back. I know it will be one of the most rewarding things I do with my life, and I’m excited, but it’s a whole person you are completely responsible for! Daunting, but I know I want to do it.
2. Go to Australia and New Zealand – I’ve always wanted to take some time to travel around these parts, but it’s quite expensive to just get there and home, let alone be there a while and experience it all. And I’d want it to be worthwhile, because it’s likely a once in a lifetime trip. Guess I just have to keep saving my pennies, or rather nickels since pennies are gone 😦
3. Be debt free – I hope this isn’t a bucket list per se, but rather a close future attainable goal! I will be done paying off my student loan debt in the next couple years, I have a 2013 car I bought new, and the hubbster and I have a line of credit. All of these are being paid off as quickly as possible. Once my student loan is done, that $350 can be allocated towards the line of credit pay off, the car, and put into my TFSA/savings. Only trouble is that we are thinking about kids in the near future, and do want to own a home when the time (and price) is right. So maybe it is more of a bucket list item, as I know we’ll be going back into debt even when these current debts are paid. Ah, such is life, unfortunately. Anyone got a winning lotto ticket?
4. Owning a home – While it seems completely unreasonable that homes in Toronto are $1 million dollars on average, for little space and no land, I do still want to own one. I would prefer to not be in this crazy city, but hubby has to work here, so we at least have to be close. We have talked about compromising and living just outside the city so he can commute, as long as the time it takes to do so isn’t too long. It’s like a cruel joke, that to be able to afford a home and kids, we have to move outside the city, then he (or we) has to commute and spend more time there than in the home or with his kids. But I like the idea of owning over renting, as out of reach as it may seem. I like that when you own, you can do what you want to the space, it’s yours and you can customize it to what you like and need. Plus there’s just something more rewarding about putting your money towards something that will someday be 100% yours.
5. Be cured of diabetes – It’s such a hot topic, finding the cure for a chronic disease, and I know for diabetes, we are close. There have been a couple documented cases (like this one or even this one), which makes me really excited. The doctors of the second article I linked to promised (in 2015) this will happen, taking 3-7 years, but an estimated max of 10 years, saying that there are always road blocks along the way for a scientific discovery of this magnitude. Wendy Peacock, the 43 year old previous diabetic, was “cured” in August 2015. They can’t officially call it a cure because she has to take anti rejection medication, but that’s part of what they are still working on. I don’t think I would care if I had to take medication every day (unless the side effects or complications were worse than those of having diabetes). I would gladly take a pill or two or even an injection to not have to count carbs, worry about my blood sugar, go low in the middle of the night or in the middle of a massage at work, and worry about what’s going to happen to my health next. I am going to talk to my doctor about this the next time I see him, to find out why it’s been almost 2 years since Wendy’s transplant and we haven’t had more news! Can I sign up to be the first Canadian cured please?


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