Blog Challenge #17 & 18

Playing catch up, especially on a long weekend spent enjoying extra time with my hubby-kins, is rough! But I’m plugging away. Hope to be caught up soon, thank you for reading!

Your favourite thing to do right now
To be honest, I can’t really say if there’s anything I’m super passionate about in this moment in my life. Not to say that things are bad or anything, I have just been feeling a little off. I enjoy my job, but it’s been taking its toll on my body lately, and I’m having trouble getting back to normal. I hope with my next months resolution that this will change, and I can get out of whatever this funk is. Writing is helping 🙂
My favourite thing to do when I can sit down and have the time to focus on it is pretty much anything creative. I really do enjoy finding a new thing to work on. I frustrate myself when I don’t finish, but in the moment, I am really happy when I’m working on whatever that thing is. Lately, I’ve been trying to get more into using my bullet journal. I keep thinking of all the things I have coming up, like friends wedding events, general to do’s, summer plans, etc, and I feel in over my head. At least if I have it all written in one place, I can stop myself from feeling overwhelmed, and just go over all the details so I don’t miss anything. I like being organized, but my procrastination gets in the way. What a weird oxymoron-esque loop that is!

Someone you miss
I have a best friend who lives in Windsor, which is about 3 1/2 hours away from me, 4 if there’s traffic! We have been friends since junior high, were each others maid of honour, and try to get together (by visiting our hometown or planning trips to each others cities), as often as we can. However, this has gotten a little more difficult lately as she is a new mom. She had her little girl in November, and even though we’ve tried to make it work, I’ve only met her once 😦 This makes me so sad, as I see little L growing up so quickly through photos and videos. We are in the works of planning a visit soon, and it can’t come fast enough! There are talks of a high-speed train line going from Toronto to Windsor (with stops in a few other major cities) that would cut the travel time in half, which would be amazing, so fingers crossed that gets implemented soon!


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