Blog Challenge #26

How you envision your life
There are things that I think about in this subject, but I have to admit I probably don’t give it as much thought as some people. As a kid, I always thought I’d get married at 25 and have my first of 3 babies at 26. I have no idea where those numbers came from, but that was as far as my little girl brain got. Some girls envision their weddings and everything, I wasn’t that “grown up” with my imagination. I was more interested in what kind of doggos I would have! As I’ve said before, I plan on having children, but the time isn’t quite right for where we are in our lives (one bedroom apartment, want to pay off more debt first, etc). Lots of people say you will never be ready for kids, as much as you try to prepare, so who knows! But I know that’s something I see in my future. I wish I could say I will still be doing massage therapy, but it’s a very physical job. I’ve been trying to figure out a plan B recently, but haven’t come up with it yet. I don’t want to get caught without one if I were to say injure myself and not be able to do massage anymore/for a while. Basically I think on a broader scale in this topic, and I just want to be happy. I know life will always have it’s up and downs, I guess I just want more ups, and that’s all I can hope for!


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