I’m Alive!

I don’t even know why I haven’t been writing. I’ve been keeping up with my resolutions, so maybe I just got bogged down with May’s challenge of writing every day and for whatever reason have been AWOL for almost 2 months. Sorry guys…
So my June resolution was to try new modalities of wellness. I want to give lots of detail of how that all went, but not bog you down with a huge post right now. So I’ll just start with a few things for now (and this will hopefully help me to get back on here more often!). Initially I meant to book appointments with different practitioners right away, but I also needed to do some research into who I wanted to see. So I started things off with modalities that I’d done before but knew would help me get back to myself. First up was a lavender Epsom salt bath. I recommend this to lots of my massage clients, especially right after a massage, as it helps the body filter out toxins that may have been moved around during the treatment. It’s kind of like having a third kidney, and to help it along you need to drink lots of water. If you do an Epsom salt bath, it’s recommended to use 2 cups of salts in as hot of water as you can handle for 20 minutes. I have yet to find the perfect temperature for myself, as I always seem to get in when it’s too hot! But anyway, it was super relaxing and helped my muscles to calm down a bit. I also had a massage a few days later, but because I hadn’t had one recently, I was really knotted up and therefore the massage was more painful than relaxing. But I still did stretching and used heat to make sure the knots didn’t get worse. The next thing I tried was detox foot pads. I’ll go into more detail on that next time, because I took photos of the results on my phone and therefore need to write the next post on my phone to show you.
My resolution for this month (July) is to read more. I have been doing ok with this, but my main problem is that when I read, I get tired. It doesn’t matter how interesting the content or where I am or what time of day it is, I just seem to get so sleepy! I really hope I can break out of that habit somehow, and who knows, maybe more reading will be the trick! It’s been nice to read before bed, as it keeps me off my cell phone. This was a nasty habit I got into a while ago, and it really does make a difference not having that screen glow disrupting my sleepiness!
Currently I am finishing Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please” from 2014. I have picked up a few books from those “little libraries” around my neighbourhood. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are like a homemade bookshelf, at eye level, with one or two shelves and a door on it to house the books outside. Some are in parks, others have been made on people’s front lawns. The owner puts in some books, and people can take and leave books as they please. It’s a really neat idea, and I’ve found some gems that I plan to read and then re-add to the library for others to enjoy. Takes away the stress of late fees!
Anyhoo, I’m actually off to bed now, and I hope to make it through another chapter before needing to head to dreamland!


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