Foot thingys

Alright, still working on catching up, clearly. I have a long ways to go, but I will be trying to get better, I swear. So going back to June, I was doing different modalities to get myself back to better health. I have tried these detox foot pads before, but only did one treatment. This time I bought a package of 10, which means 5 treatments. All you do is stick the pads to the bottom of your feet before going to sleep, leave them on until you wake up, then take them off before having a shower to clean off any residue. While they are on, they supposedly pull toxins out of your body through the feet, especially things like metals that your body doesn’t need. After the first night, I developed a cold, which I think may have been my body’s way of getting rid of other toxins/germs. It was over pretty quick, which was nice, because when I get a cold it’s usually for a week at least. I did all 5 nights in a row, and felt mildly better at the end. I think the first time I ever did this treatment, I had a bigger change in my energy level than I did this time, but I was also younger then, so maybe I had less junk built up back then or was able to bounce back quicker. Who knows. It’s also hard to know if the brand you are buying is reliable, as this is more of an eastern medicine practice. Often they are coming from places like China or Japan, so the translations into English on the packaging could be deceiving. Companies have all created their own versions, and with varying price differences and ingredients, you wonder what to choose. I tried to do some research but couldn’t find much help. All in all, if the pictures are proof of what was being pulled out, this treatment worked. I’ve posted the photos so you can see what it looks like, and I apologize if they look a little nasty! 


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