Here I go again…

Ok, so I’m going to slightly brush past the fact that I haven’t written in forever, and just dive right in. As a side note, I did finish one thing a month for all of 2017, I just lacked the ambition to write about it (Procrastinators, unite… tomorrow).
I last left off at June of 2017. I had first tried detox foot pads, and after that I did some home therapies like epsom salt baths. Apparently the salts act like a third kidney, helping your body filter out the junk we put in it. Baths are really nice to do every once in a while. If I had a hot tub, I would be in that baby nightly. Fingers crossed I win the lottery so I can afford one someday! Anyways, the baths were nice and helped my muscles to relax some, but I didn’t notice any huge differences.
Next on my list was to try a chiropractor. I think most people feel a little freaked out initially, thinking about someone popping and jolting your bones around. I was nervous, but the chiro I picked is highly requested and trained. She’s been doing it a long time and all the reviews of her were glowing. She said she always talks to her patients about having their necks done as that seems to be the most common iffy area that people are worried about. I said I trusted her and that I was okay with her doing my neck. At that point she had done the rest of my body, and I was still alive and mobile, so I figured what the heck. It definitely feels good to have things “back in place”. I have had some problems with my left hip kind of tightening up on me making it hard to walk right. When I was walking home after the treatment, I felt so much more normal! No weird semi-limp, no mid-upper back ache. I did, however, get a headache and felt extremely tired. I had to have a nap; like HAD to. It zapped my of all my energy. I hope that’s a normal by-product!
I went a few more times in June, then eased back as the chiro said I would really only need work done as maintenance. I have to admit, I haven’t been in a while, and should probably go in soon, but the reaction I have on the day of the treatment is big, so I haven’t been jonesing to go back. I have to go in on my day off, otherwise I don’t know if I could work well with the headache and the tiredness. But that usually only lasts a day, and the benefits last longer, so it’s worth it.
Someone once told me that they kind of regret going to a chiropractor, because once they started, it felt like they couldn’t achieve that balance on their own, and HAD to keep going back. I work as an RMT, and have had some people say that to me. While our day to day lives to tend to cause our issues to come back, I think with changes to your bad habits (like poor posture, unsupportive shoes, lack of exercise, etc) and doing regular maintenance like massage and chiropractics, you can go less often. I don’t always practice what I preach *cough* actually I rarely do *cough*, but if people put self care on a higher priority, I might not have as much work to do. (Don’t go spreading that around, keep me busy with your broken backs! Ah, the catch 22…)


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