Hello Ding Dongs! (no, I’m not insulting you… )
Welcome to my bloggity blog. Not sure how you stumbled upon it, but I’m happy you’re here! My main reason for starting this is to encourage myself to do one “resolution” each month instead of stressing myself out with 12 resolutions all in January. I unknowingly stole the idea from “The Happiness Project” book, which a friend pointed out to me (and here I thought I was being original!). So I hope you will follow along on my journey through 2017, and hopefully I can remain interesting enough that you will continue to read in 2018 and beyond.


A Little About Me

“About Me” pages are a little daunting, but I’ll give it a whirl…
Newly married gal, living in a big city, with a cute pup named Pixel and a long list of “Stuff I Wanna Do” for 2017. Likes: Smartfood popcorn, crafts, penguins, and achieving the same eyeliner wing on both sides in one attempt. Dislikes: my complete lack of balance on ice in the winter, olives, and how our kitchen never seems to stay fully clean and tidy even if I just finished doing it.


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